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NZX builds and operates capital, risk and commodity markets and the infrastructure required to support them. We provide high quality information, data and tools to support business decision making. We aim to make a meaningful difference to wealth creation for our shareholders and the individuals, businesses and economies in which we operate.

Smartshares to launch 3 new Exchange Traded Funds

27 Mar 2015

NZX Annual Report 2014 published

27 Mar 2015

NZX to launch Exchange Traded Options

26 Mar 2015

SSH Notice - Accident Compensation Corporation ...

26 Mar 2015

NZX IPO Masterclass – Scales Listing Story

26 Mar 2015

Nominations for Directors – NZX Limited

25 Mar 2015

NZX Q1 Revenues released

May 2015

NZX Annual Meeting

21 May 2015

NZX Half Year End

30 June 2015

NZX Half Year results released

August 2015

NZX Full Year End

31 December 2015

31 Mar

SuperLife co-founder Michael Chamberlain on the benefits of the acquisition by NZX: http://t.co/LAvK8ZCwoE

30 Mar

Hear from NZX’s Head of Derivatives Kathryn Jaggard as part of our online annual report coverage: http://t.co/B5CEaqT3yU

30 Mar

Tim Bennett was interviewed on TV3's @FirstlineNZ this morning on a range of market matters - story here: http://t.co/XyxRkATyYd