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NZX congratulates Deloitte Top 200 Award Winners

28 Nov 2014

NZX launches Global Butter Futures Contract

27 Nov 2014

NZX establishes relationship with Bank of China

21 Nov 2014

NZX consults on proposal to shorten settlement ...

12 Nov 2014

NZX Employee Share Plan - Team and Results

07 Nov 2014

NZX October 2014 Shareholder Metrics

05 Nov 2014

Full Year End

31 December 2014

NZX Full Year results released

February 2015

NZX Q1 Revenues released

May 2015

NZX Annual Meeting

May 2015

Half Year results released

August 2015

28 Nov

Meridian Energy listed on NZX just over a year ago. Hear their CEO on some of the experiences it has gone through: http://t.co/vdmh58pfei

28 Nov

Congrats to the Deloitte Top 200 Award Winners! NZX listed companies won 7 of the 9 awards. More info here: http://t.co/rPoN2aai8X

27 Nov

NZX is launching a Global Butter Futures Contract on 12 December. More information here: http://t.co/Wxr69ZDsd6 #derivatives #agchat