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NZX builds and operates capital, risk and commodity markets and the infrastructure required to support them. We provide high quality information, data and tools to support business decision making. We aim to make a meaningful difference to wealth creation for our shareholders and the individuals, businesses and economies in which we operate.

NZX welcomes FMA General Obligations Review

26 May 2015

Results of resolutions at Annual Meeting

21 May 2015

Chairman & CEO Address to Annual Meeting

21 May 2015

Opening of renovated NZX Wellington headquarters

20 May 2015

NZX congratulates NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2015 winners

18 May 2015

NZX Funds Management & Head of Markets Appointm...

18 May 2015

NZX Half Year End

30 June 2015

NZX Half Year results released

August 2015

NZX Full Year End

31 December 2015

27 May

NZX 50 ended the day in the red down 37.917 points or 0.65% #NZXdata

26 May

NZX 50 ends the day in the green up 0.874 points or 0.02% #NZXData

21 May

NZX 50 ends the day in the green up 13.478 points or 0.23% #NZXdata