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NZX builds and operates capital, risk and commodity markets and the infrastructure required to support them. We provide high quality information, data and tools to support business decision making. We aim to make a meaningful difference to wealth creation for our shareholders and the individuals, businesses and economies in which we operate.

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28 Aug 2014

NZX consults on continuous disclosure

26 Aug 2014

Gender Diversity 2nd Quarter 2014 Statistics

15 Aug 2014

NZX Half Year 2014 results announcement

11 Aug 2014

NZX statement re Brian Henry decision

07 Aug 2014

NZX update re LPC trades on Friday 1 August

06 Aug 2014

August Shareholder Metrics

3 September 2014

NZX Issuer Forum 

10 September 2014

Dividend Payment

12 Sept for holdings at 29 August 

Graduate Programme Closes

26 September 2014

Full Year End

31 December 2014

01 Sep

NZX 50 closed in the red, down 7.902 points or -0.15%. Decline led by $MELCA, $ATM and $SKL #NZXdata

01 Sep

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01 Sep

Interested in learning how @slisystems Main Board listing has helped its global strategy? Watch here: http://t.co/T9Gi7nj9iC